1970 Camaro Paint Codes: Unveiling the Palette of an Iconic Muscle Car

1970 Camaro paint codes ignite a vibrant journey into the realm of automotive aesthetics, where color choices transcend mere hues and become emblems of a legendary muscle car’s identity. From classic black to eye-catching Hugger Orange, each code tells a tale of style, performance, and the enduring legacy of an American icon.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of the 1970 Camaro’s exterior and interior paint options, unraveling the secrets behind their selection and significance. Discover how these colors shaped the Camaro’s reputation as a symbol of power, speed, and timeless appeal.

Exterior Paint Codes

1970 camaro paint codes

The 1970 Camaro was offered in a wide range of exterior paint colors, each with its own unique code. These codes are essential for identifying and restoring original paint finishes.

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The following table lists all of the exterior paint codes used for the 1970 Camaro, along with the color name and a brief description:

Code Color Name Description
10 Tuxedo Black A deep, glossy black
11 Ermine White A bright, pure white
12 Rally Green A medium-green metallic
13 Hugger Orange A bright, orange metallic
14 Butternut Yellow A light, yellow metallic
15 LeMans Blue A medium-blue metallic
16 Dover White A bright, off-white
17 Laguna Gray A light, gray metallic
18 Maroon A deep, red metallic
19 Frost Green A light, green metallic
20 Fathom Green A medium, green metallic
21 Malibu Green A light, blue metallic
22 Aquamarine A light, blue metallic
23 Silverstone Silver A light, silver metallic
24 Pewter Silver A medium, silver metallic
25 Midnight Green A deep, green metallic
26 Dark Green A dark, green metallic
27 Dark Brown A dark, brown metallic
28 Bright Red A bright, red
29 Blue Metallic A medium, blue metallic
30 Gold Metallic A light, gold metallic
31 Code 31 A special-order color, not available on production models
32 Code 32 A special-order color, not available on production models
33 Code 33 A special-order color, not available on production models
34 Code 34 A special-order color, not available on production models
35 Code 35 A special-order color, not available on production models
36 Code 36 A special-order color, not available on production models
37 Code 37 A special-order color, not available on production models
38 Code 38 A special-order color, not available on production models
39 Code 39 A special-order color, not available on production models
40 Code 40 A special-order color, not available on production models

Interior Paint Codes

The 1970 Camaro offered a wide range of interior paint codes to complement its exterior color options. These codes designated the color of the interior surfaces, including the dashboard, door panels, and seats.

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The following table lists all the interior paint codes for the 1970 Camaro, along with their corresponding color names and brief descriptions:

Interior Paint Codes Table

Code Color Name Description
701 Black Standard black interior
703 Fawn Light tan interior
704 Dark Saddle Medium brown interior
705 Gold Metallic gold interior
706 Light Green Light green interior
707 Light Blue Light blue interior
708 Red Standard red interior
711 Dark Green Medium green interior
712 Dark Blue Medium blue interior
715 Houndstooth Black and white houndstooth pattern interior

Paint Color Combinations: 1970 Camaro Paint Codes

The 1970 Camaro was available in a wide range of exterior and interior color combinations, allowing buyers to customize their cars to their individual tastes. Some of the most popular paint color combinations included:

The following table displays some popular paint color combinations for the 1970 Camaro, including exterior and interior color pairings:

Exterior Color Interior Color
Hugger Orange Black
Rally Green White
LeMans Blue Blue
Tuxedo Black Black
Dover White White

Special Edition Paint Codes

In addition to the standard paint codes, the 1970 Camaro offered several special edition and limited-release paint colors. These unique hues were associated with specific models and production numbers, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

COPO 9561 Camaro ZL-1

The COPO 9561 Camaro ZL-1 was a limited-production drag racing car produced in 1970. It was available in a unique paint code called “Arctic White” (Code 10). Only 69 ZL-1 Camaros were produced, making this color combination extremely rare.

Paint Code Verification

1970 camaro paint codes

Identifying the correct paint code for a 1970 Camaro is crucial for accurate restoration or color matching. The paint code is a unique identifier that corresponds to a specific color and finish.

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There are several methods to locate and verify the paint code for a 1970 Camaro:

VIN Decoding, 1970 camaro paint codes

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) contains a wealth of information about a vehicle, including the paint code. The paint code is typically located in the 11th position of the VIN.

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Trim Tag

The trim tag is a metal plate located on the driver’s side door jamb. It contains information about the vehicle’s interior and exterior trim, including the paint code.

Data Plate

The data plate is located on the firewall of the vehicle. It contains information about the vehicle’s engine, transmission, and paint code.

Paint Chip Card

Some 1970 Camaros came with a paint chip card. This card contains a sample of the vehicle’s paint color and the corresponding paint code.

Restoration Guides

Restoration guides and reference books often provide information about paint codes and their corresponding colors.


As we conclude our exploration of 1970 Camaro paint codes, it becomes evident that these color choices were not merely cosmetic enhancements. They were integral to the Camaro’s identity, reflecting the era’s cultural zeitgeist and the aspirations of a generation.

From the bold stripes of the Z28 to the understated elegance of Tuxedo Black, each paint code left an indelible mark on the Camaro’s legacy.

Today, these codes continue to inspire enthusiasts and collectors alike, serving as a testament to the enduring appeal of the 1970 Camaro. Whether restoring a classic or simply admiring the timeless beauty of these iconic muscle cars, the paint codes remain a vital part of the Camaro’s story, forever etched in the annals of automotive history.

Answers to Common Questions

What is the most popular 1970 Camaro paint color?

Hugger Orange remains one of the most iconic and sought-after colors for the 1970 Camaro.

How do I find the paint code for my 1970 Camaro?

The paint code is typically located on a metal tag under the hood or in the trunk.

What is the difference between basecoat and clearcoat paint?

Basecoat paint provides the color, while clearcoat paint provides a protective layer and enhances the color’s depth and shine.