490 Graco Paint Sprayer Parts: Comprehensive Guide to Components, Compatibility, and Maintenance

Delve into the intricacies of 490 Graco paint sprayer parts, a comprehensive guide that unravels the inner workings of these essential components. From understanding their functions to ensuring optimal performance, this exploration will empower you with the knowledge to maintain and troubleshoot your Graco paint sprayer like a pro.

With a deep dive into the compatibility of these parts across different Graco models, you’ll gain insights into interchangeable components, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The detailed descriptions and illustrative diagrams will provide a clear understanding of how each part contributes to the overall performance of your sprayer.

Parts Overview: 490 Graco Paint Sprayer Parts

The Graco 490 paint sprayer consists of numerous components that work together to deliver a smooth and efficient painting experience. These parts can be categorized into various groups based on their function, including pump components, nozzle components, and filter components.

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Understanding the different parts of the Graco 490 paint sprayer is essential for proper maintenance, troubleshooting, and maximizing its performance. By familiarizing yourself with each component and its role in the overall operation of the sprayer, you can ensure that your equipment operates at its best and delivers exceptional results.

Pump Components

  • Pump: The heart of the sprayer, responsible for generating the pressure necessary to atomize and propel the paint.
  • Intake valve: Allows paint to enter the pump from the suction hose.
  • Outlet valve: Controls the flow of paint from the pump to the hose and nozzle.
  • Piston: Moves back and forth within the pump cylinder, creating pressure and drawing paint into the pump.
  • Packing: Seals the piston within the pump cylinder, preventing leaks and maintaining pressure.

Nozzle Components

  • Nozzle: The final point of contact between the paint and the surface being sprayed, responsible for atomizing the paint into a fine mist.
  • Nozzle tip: Interchangeable component that determines the spray pattern, size, and shape.
  • Nozzle guard: Protects the nozzle from damage and prevents overspray.
  • Filter: Located at the inlet of the nozzle, removes impurities from the paint, ensuring a smooth and consistent spray.

Filter Components

  • Suction filter: Located at the end of the suction hose, prevents debris from entering the pump.
  • In-line filter: Installed between the pump and the hose, removes contaminants from the paint as it flows through the system.
  • Strainer: Located at the paint container, filters paint before it enters the suction hose.

Part Compatibility

Determining the compatibility of Graco 490 paint sprayer parts with different Graco paint sprayer models is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential issues. This section provides a comprehensive overview of part compatibility, including a detailed table listing part numbers and compatible models.

To ensure compatibility, it is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with an authorized Graco dealer. Using incompatible parts can lead to malfunctions, reduced performance, or even safety hazards.

Interchangeable Parts

Certain parts of the Graco 490 paint sprayer are interchangeable between different models, allowing for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness. These interchangeable parts include:

  • Nozzles
  • Filters
  • Hoses
  • Tips

By utilizing interchangeable parts, users can maintain and repair their Graco 490 paint sprayers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Part Function and Operation

490 graco paint sprayer parts

The 490 Graco paint sprayer is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used for a variety of painting projects. It is important to understand the function and operation of each part of the sprayer in order to use it safely and effectively.

The main components of the 490 Graco paint sprayer are the pump, the gun, the hose, and the filter. The pump is responsible for drawing paint from the reservoir and pressurizing it. The gun is responsible for spraying the paint onto the surface being painted.

The hose connects the pump to the gun. The filter removes impurities from the paint before it is sprayed.


The pump is the heart of the 490 Graco paint sprayer. It is responsible for drawing paint from the reservoir and pressurizing it. The pump is powered by an electric motor. The motor drives a piston that moves back and forth in a cylinder.

The piston draws paint from the reservoir and forces it through the hose to the gun.


The gun is responsible for spraying the paint onto the surface being painted. The gun has a trigger that is used to control the flow of paint. The gun also has a nozzle that determines the size and shape of the spray pattern.

The nozzle can be adjusted to create a variety of spray patterns, from a fine mist to a wide fan.


The hose connects the pump to the gun. The hose is made of a flexible material that can withstand the high pressure of the paint. The hose is typically 25 feet long, but it can be extended with additional hoses if needed.

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The filter removes impurities from the paint before it is sprayed. The filter is made of a fine mesh that traps dirt, dust, and other particles. The filter is important because it helps to prevent the sprayer from clogging.

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Part Replacement and Maintenance

Graco airless pump paint sprayers lower sprayer 17c

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Graco 490 paint sprayer, regular part replacement and maintenance are crucial. This section provides comprehensive guidelines on how to replace and maintain various components of the sprayer, ensuring smooth operation and extending its lifespan.

Before attempting any part replacement or maintenance task, thoroughly read the sprayer’s user manual and adhere to all safety precautions. Gather the necessary tools and replacement parts, and ensure a clean and well-lit workspace.

Pump Replacement, 490 graco paint sprayer parts

The pump is the heart of the paint sprayer, responsible for generating the pressure needed to atomize and propel the paint. If the pump fails or becomes damaged, it is essential to replace it promptly to restore the sprayer’s functionality.

  1. Safety Precaution:Disconnect the sprayer from the power source and release any remaining pressure in the system before starting the replacement process.
  2. Locate the pump housing on the sprayer and remove the bolts securing it.
  3. Carefully remove the old pump and inspect the housing for any damage or debris.
  4. Install the new pump into the housing, ensuring proper alignment and fit.
  5. Tighten the bolts securely and reconnect the sprayer to the power source.

Filter Replacement

The filter plays a vital role in preventing debris and impurities from entering the pump and causing damage. Regular filter replacement is essential to maintain optimal performance and extend the life of the pump.

  1. Safety Precaution:Ensure the sprayer is turned off and disconnected from the power source before replacing the filter.
  2. Locate the filter housing on the sprayer and remove the cap.
  3. Remove the old filter and inspect it for any signs of clogging or damage.
  4. Insert the new filter into the housing, ensuring the correct orientation.
  5. Replace the cap and tighten it securely.

Hose Replacement

The hose connects the sprayer to the paint source and must be in good condition to prevent leaks and ensure proper paint flow. If the hose becomes damaged or worn, it should be replaced promptly.

  1. Safety Precaution:Disconnect the sprayer from the power source and release any remaining pressure in the system before replacing the hose.
  2. Locate the hose connections on the sprayer and the paint source.
  3. Loosen the clamps securing the hose to the connections.
  4. Remove the old hose and inspect the connections for any damage or debris.
  5. Attach the new hose to the connections and tighten the clamps securely.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

490 graco paint sprayer parts

The Graco 490 paint sprayer is a versatile and reliable tool, but like any machine, it can experience occasional issues. Understanding and troubleshooting these issues can help you keep your sprayer running smoothly and efficiently.

Common issues with Graco 490 paint sprayer parts can include:

  • Clogged nozzles
  • Leaking pumps
  • Faulty pressure gauges
  • Electrical problems

Clogged Nozzles

Clogged nozzles are a common issue with paint sprayers. The paint can dry and clog the nozzle, preventing the paint from flowing smoothly. To unclog a nozzle, you can use a nozzle cleaning tool or a needle. You can also try soaking the nozzle in a solvent like acetone.

Leaking Pumps

Leaking pumps can be caused by worn seals or gaskets. To fix a leaking pump, you will need to replace the worn seals or gaskets. You can also try tightening the bolts that hold the pump together.

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Faulty Pressure Gauges

Faulty pressure gauges can give you inaccurate readings, which can lead to problems with the sprayer’s performance. To fix a faulty pressure gauge, you will need to replace it.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can be caused by loose wires, faulty switches, or blown fuses. To fix an electrical problem, you will need to identify the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Last Point

Graco airless sprayer ultramax loboy

Mastering the art of replacing and maintaining 490 Graco paint sprayer parts is crucial for extending the lifespan and ensuring the reliability of your equipment. This guide provides step-by-step instructions, safety precautions, and expert tips to empower you to tackle these tasks with confidence.

Additionally, troubleshooting common issues becomes a breeze with our comprehensive troubleshooting section, offering practical solutions to restore your sprayer to peak performance.

Question Bank

What are the most commonly replaced 490 Graco paint sprayer parts?

The most commonly replaced parts include filters, nozzles, and pump components, such as packings and seals.

How often should I replace the filters in my Graco 490 paint sprayer?

Filters should be replaced regularly, typically after every 50-100 hours of use, or more frequently if spraying heavily textured materials.

What are the signs that my Graco 490 paint sprayer pump is failing?

Signs of a failing pump include reduced pressure, pulsating flow, or leaking.